Gain a Professional Advantage
Become a Floor Care Expert
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An ETS Certification Sets You Apart

Gain a Professional Advantage

The ETS Certification helps you stand out from your competition without increasing your labor. You’ll get to spend more time doing what you enjoy while offering clients a more valuable solution for their floor care challenges.

Get Training & Continuous Support

Becoming an ETS Rep ensures you’ll be able to use and explain our products so that your clients get long lasting results in their facility. Our support team is always available and we never leave you to figure things out on your own.

Increase your Business

The ETS training helps companies grow immediately. You’ll be able to create more opportunities in your area, increase your revenue, stand out in your community and be a step ahead of your competition.

“I always wanted to own a business that would give me the freedom to do what I really love to do. This is exactly what ETS Rep Training has provided for me.  Not only have I increased my revenue, my customers love ETS.”

 -Chip Harrington,  ETS Rep 

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How to Become an ETS Representative

1. Fill out the application
2. Phone interview with an ETS staff member
3. Attend a two-day intensive ETS training
4. Launch your business to new heights

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