Protect your floors with ETS 180 floor coating.

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Eliminate stripping and waxing

Protect your floor & grout lines

Make your floors simple to clean

We’ll help you take the guesswork out of protecting and cleaning your floors.

With ETS Health you can clean and keep all your floors looking new every day without spending a fortune on floor wax and chemicals.

  • Is floor maintenance time consuming?
  • Does your staff complain about floor care?
  • Are you tired of waxed floors looking dull and dirty?
  • Does you facility smell every time you strip and wax?
  • Are you spending money on your floor care you could use elsewhere?
  • Do your floors always give your customers a great first impression?

“We have been applying the ETS floor coating since 2012. It has been the best product I have ever used. It has saved our organization thousands of dollars over the last several years in regard to labor and equipment costs. This product works.”

 -Jean Berger, Custodian Supervisor, Bismarck State College

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Reduce ongoing floor costs. Increase cleaning efficiency. Get results that last.

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We can help you make your floors look like this everyday.

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