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Your floor care should not be hard to manage.

  • Our floors require constant maintenance
  • We’re wasting time and money on floor care
  • Our staff is tired of waxing our floors
  • Waxing creates unnecessary downtime in critical areas
  • Our floors look dull or dirty
  • Our staff works hard but the results don’t last long

We can help.

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“The ETS on-site team did an excellent job of explaining the prep, showing us how to mix and coat our floors. With ETS’s on-going support, our staff is confident that they can duplicate this simple floor care plan. The staff and school love the look!”

Russ Bode, Facility Director, Goodridge School District

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Eliminate the time consuming stripping and waxing process, simplify your floor care, and gain confidence as you receive ongoing lifetime support.

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(Most facility directors don’t realize there is an alternative to waxing and stripping. Book a training today to simplify your floor care.)

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