Chemical Free Cleaning

Disinfect your facility without using harmful chemicals.

Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) is a safe way to disinfect and clean a diversity of surfaces without using harmful chemicals.

Simplify your cleaning plan

Create a healthier environment

Disinfect without chemicals


You can create Stabilized Aqueous Ozone on-site in your facility to clean, deodorize and disinfect with only one cleaning solution. Use in spray bottles, cleaning buckets and floor scrubbers.

What makes SAO an effective cleaner?

Stabilized Aqueous Ozone attracts dirt, bacteria and organic matter. SAO disinfects by destroying the cell wall and structure of viruses and bacteria. This method of disinfecting is called oxidation.

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It’s time to create a safe and effective cleaning plan.

1. Schedule an appointment.

2. See how SAO cleans in your facility.

3. Make your cleaning safe and effective.

ETS will help you feel confident about your cleaning plan, ensure effective results while eliminating 90% of cleaning chemicals.

What surfaces can be cleaned with SAO?

  • floors
  • windows
  • stainless
  • doors
  • showers
  • desks
  • toilets
  • counters
  • sinks
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