Is it possible to clean without harmful or toxic chemicals?

October 5, 2023

One of the most common places we find chemical residue today is on floors.  In many facilities, a custodian will take a string mop and bucket, pour some cleaning chemicals in, and spread it around the floor.  Grout is usually tan, white, or gray, but most grout on floors has turned black because the chemical residue continues to attract dirt, urine, food, and anything else that lands on the floor. The result is a perpetually dirty and smelly floor.


ETS Health does three things to help organizations have clean, safe, and healthy facilities without using chemicals.

Step 1. Clean and remove all chemical residue, food, urine, dirt, and grime on many floor types.  This process eliminates residue and dull finishes and makes the floors look like new again.

Step 2. Apply ETS 180® protective coating.  180 is a high-performance coating that lasts for years in high-traffic areas and stops anything from soaking back into the floor. Cleaners love the easy-to-clean floors, durability, and how nice they look every day.

Step 3. Replace cleaning chemicals with Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO).  SAO is tap water infused with an extra oxygen molecule that cleans and disinfects through oxidation.   SAO is more powerful than bleach and is safe for food, pets, and people. The EPA, GreenSeal, and LEED approve SAO.  SAO is a single solution for various surfaces and is trusted by hospitals, schools, governments, and many other industries. (Healthcare facilities are required to use hospital-grade disinfectants in certain areas of their facility.)

AT ETS Health, our mission is to eliminate toxic cleaning chemicals from buildings, make floor care sustainable, and help organizations get more done, even if short-staffed. No one should worry about exposure to toxic chemicals when entering any facility.

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